Announcing: Colonize!


After a long hiatus on my video game development projects, I've decided to resume my progress by starting a new game - Colonize (working title).

The game is mostly meant to be a learning experience in roguelike development for a friend and I, and to serve as a base for a project we can later build upon.

Our vision for the game is a game similar to Dwarf Fortress - i.e. a roguelike in real-time and with little user interation in the direct actions of the characters.

Here's a breakdown of the basic idea for the game:

Currently, I've written a backend for Piston to work with libtcod, and called it tcod_window.

Using tcod_window, following some tutorials, and taking inspiration from similar projects I've managed to get a basic menu rendering and an initial chunk to load.

The current progress is summarized in this webm.

Update (2020-10-27): Fixed broken libtcod link.