Changing My Website Domain


I want to change my primary domain from to I'm keeping both, but I'd like to use for my email address. Just to keep it simple. I'm also going to move my blog from a subdomain to the root domain, also for simplicity.

To do so, I need to move my old blog to the new domain. I'm not going to bother setting up redirects from the old pages since no one really reads this blog and they've only been up for a few months.

I will however move content from my old old blog to the new one and setup redirects for its pages since that one has been up for ~6 years and does receive a modest amount of traffic.

First, per my article on how I initially setup this website, I need to first create a new S3 bucket for the site. I'll use the same settings for bucket policy, DNS, and Cloudflare workers as before, just for the new domain. Note that I need to modify the existing worker CSP policy for the new domain.

Next, I follow this article to redirect my old domain to my new domain using Cloudflare's page rules. I also disable my Cloudflare workers on the old domain.

I then setup similar redirects for all my other frecency.* domains.

Then, I delete my old S3 bucket.

Now that the old blog is migrated to the new domain, I need to migrate my old old blog. Since that blog is also hosted on S3, I first need to convert its source to Zola pages.

After converting the pages to Zola, I chose to develop my own theme for Zola, inspired by a few minimalist web pages I've seen before.