Launchcraft Blasts Off!


I got tired of re-installing Minecraft and all the mods I use, so I decided to release Launchcraft.

Currently, the script supports Windows, Linux, and OS X.

It's written in Python, and compiled, self-contained executables for Windows and OSX are available on the releases page.

The script is open-source, and includes instructions to compile it yourself for the platform of your choice.

By downloading the latest version (currently 1.0.4), you will be able to install Minecraft 1.7.2 with any combination of the mods listed here in under 10 seconds.

Shaders, Forge, Optifine, etc. all installed in seconds, no hassle.

It's also a one-time thing, so after you've run the script once, you can delete it worry-free.

Just use Minecraft as normal.

§  Quick Start

§  Disclaimer

The script does not delete any mods, exisiting profiles, or jars. It only creates new directories. However, mistakes can happen, so be careful when using it. Always have backups.

§  Suggestions/Fixes

Please let me know if you experience any bugs, or have any plugins you want me to include in the script.

§  Updates

New features/fixes will come over time, but the script retrieves the mod list from Github, so the same executable can continue to install mod updates.