Setting Up Vim


After completing my initial zsh setup, I've decided to finally begin what I've been putting off - setting up vim.

§  Color Scheme

Being entirely unexperienced with vim, I've decided to start with the simplest task possible, setting up my color scheme - base16 chalk.

§  Vundle

After reading the instructions on the base16-vim repository, I decided to install Vundle for package control support. Vundle installation was simple and I simply followed the setups outlined in the Vundle README.

§  base16-chalk

With Vundle, installing base16-chalk was as easy as editing ~/.vimrc to include:

Bundle 'chriskempson/base16-vim'

set background=dark
let base16colorspace=256  " Access colors present in 256 colorspace
colorscheme base16-chalk

§  Syntax Highlighting

I wanted all of my files to automatically have their syntax highlighted, so I put this line in my ~/.vimrc:

syntax on

So far these are all of the modifications I've performed to vim. Time to begin using it.